Russian innovations is a leading commercial cleaning company that offer innovative cleaning solutions for your business.

We operate sustainable commercial cleaning services in every sector you can think of, including commerce, retail, transport, healthcare, and food manufacturing. We clean bank branches and shops, world-famous hospitals and international airports, large government departments and small individual businesses.

Why choose us?

  • Experience. We have the expertise and background to handle any job our customers ask us to do. From routine cleaning maintenance to specialty carpet care and floor cleaning and refinishing, we got you covered. Return to top of page
  • Communication. Constant communication is the key to building a good relationship with customers. We in turn will contact you on a routine basis to follow up and ensure that you are pleased with our cleaning services
  • Staff. Our highly skilled staff members are hand selected and trained in all aspects of the cleaning industry. Each employee goes through a background check prior to employment and is placed in a facility conducive to their individual talents and personality.
  • Quality Control. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We use leading-edge computer software and systems to present the annual reports by internet for our clients to keep them well –informed and meet the prescribed deadline ( keep the term). We adapt and develop methodology in quality control to monitor data collection and our service quality. Our staff continue their professional development which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills or professional performance standards.

Mihailov М.М.