Post-building cleaning


We offer a reliable thorough and professional clean-up service on any property that has undergone repairs or more substantial construction work. Any building work results in dust, dirt and construction waste and we guarantee to take the stress away from renovating. We have cleaning teams that specialise in post-building work cleaning. They are specially trained and have the right equipment to handle your specific needs.

Our post-building cleaning service includes:

  • Removal of all construction waste
  • Deep cleaning of all skirting boards
  • Cleaning of all switches and sockets
  • Deep cleaning of all windows and window sills
  • Cleaning of all radiators
  • Hoovering all floors and washing them if necessary
  • Deep cleaning of all doors and door frames

Bathroom: clean mirrors, scrub and de-scale bath and/or shower, scrub and disinfect toilet and toilet seat, scrub and de-scale bathroom sink, clean and de-scale shower door and tiles, dust and polish all surfaces

Kitchen: clean all kitchen work surfaces, clean outside of kitchen cupboards, clean, scrub and de-scale kitchen sinks, clean inside/outside fridge, clean the washing machine, clean the dishwasher

Living room and bedrooms: wipe pictures, clean mirrors, clean table, clean wardrobe/drawers, dust and polish all surfaces