General cleaning


“Russian Innovations” offers a consistent and reliable commercial cleaning service that always leaves your premises clean, fresh, and hygienic. We provide innovative solutions for general cleaning services.Our company offers professional general cleaning services to both domestic and commercial clients.

Next services are available for our clients :

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Restrooms and toilets deep Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning & Sanitation
  • Full Building Cleaning
  • Glass Roof Cleaning
  • General Waste Removal
  • Daily Contract Cleaning
  • Cleaning of office appliances

You and only you decide what services have to be done at your enterprise. Don't pay for unnecessary services!

We are dedicated to providing superior customer service, ethical business practices, highly trained and motivated personnel and the most advanced, environmentally-intelligent cleaning products and technologies.

We offer you the best deal ! We want you to not only receive excellent service but to feel valued and important, we realise you always have a choice.