industrial cleaning


Our company “Russian innovations” employ its own technologies to achieve maximum effect and improve cost savings. The best solutionis to hire the professionals’ .To successfully clean, restore and renew concrete, you need the right type of industrial equipment, cleaning agents and the ability to identify and treat stains. Traditional cleaning methods, such as a broom, bucket and hours of back breaking labor, simply doesn’t do the trick.



Industrial properties do contain expensive and expansive machinery along with a large number of industrial staff who work upon them. It is imperative as business owner to provide them with basic cleanliness for an untidy and a cluttered industry is bound to enjoy low productivity levels. Similarly, the industry property is an identity of sorts of your professional profile and its upkeep has to be in proper order.

Industrial cleaning agencies are professional cleaners who have gained expertise over a period of year and can accomplish the cleaning task in extremely planned manner.

Cleaning of industrial property does require professional services as they are huge in size and contain highly specialized equipment as well. You could make sure you choose a reputed industrial cleaning service provide to do a thorough cleaning task of your industry leaving it immaculately clean and tidy.

We offer next industrial cleaning services:

  • Industrial cleaning services crews routinely clean tanks, tank cars, process vessels,booster compressor stations, boiler installations, compartment machines
  • Cleaning of air conditioners, culvert aqueducts, fans, lamps, cables
  • Cleaning of floors, ceilings, platforms, gates
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, where steeplejack works need to be employed

When you work with “ Russian Innovations” you can rely on us to monitor each step of the industrial cleaning process to ensure efficiency, delivery, and the facility maintenance you expect.We save your money, time and you can expect the highest standard for quality!