Territory maintenance


Russian innovations is a well-established outdoor cleaning services provider, which specializes in territory maintenance and cleaning services in summer season, as well as the winter time.

Neat and clean environment and beautifully planted territory create not only a higher quality of life, but also increase the value of real estate. Very experienced specialists will offer you a vast range of cleaning and maintaining services for your company to keep outdoor territory clean and tidy.

The territory cleaning services include:

  • Maintenance of the outdoor areas
  • Waste management
  • Manual or mechanical sweeping of paths, sidewalks, asphalt and other pavements
  • Manual snow removal from paths, asphalt and other pavements
  • Mechanized snow removal and shoving;

We intend the best management and maintenance plan for each object, each area, taking into account the composition of the area, use intensity, seasonality. We choose the rational resources needed for territory maintenance. Unique cleaning services, quality control system allows quickly and effectively respond to continually changing circumstances, flexibly change care service parameters.